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Winning a car! REVISED

That’s right at 4pm I’ll be the owner of a “new to me” car from a local dealership thanks to the radio station. A few details you should know…they hid 10 keys around the surrounding area…I found mine at the library on the underside of a sculpture…I immediately posted on facebook that I found the key…and here’s the part you may think is strange… I claimed it in the name of Jesus! So officially I haven’t won the Grand Am but I claimed it…so just to be honest I’m not really 100% sure on how that works…I mean I have told everyone that it IS my car because I’ve claimed it in his name…but what if someone else claimed it in his name BEFORE me? Does Jesus do tie beakers? Is the tie breaker who spent longer in church this week? I’ve lost if that’s the case.


Now it’s time to see whose key opens the car door and that is the winner. Keep in mind I have key #9.

Key #1…not a winner.

Key #2…not a winner.

Key #3…not a winner.

Key #4…not a winner.

Key #5…not a winner.

Key #6…not a winner.

Radio break lol.

Key #7…not a winner.

Key #8…door opens…WINNER….WITW?????

I say “but does it START the car”. A lady says “You still have hope huh?”. Uh yeah, I claimed it!

The rude girl starts the car!

I say “Ok, I’ll go home now”.

My heart feels sad.

I’m crushed…I really thought the car was MINE. BUT…BUT I got over that quick. I STILL have faith. I really believe God has something in store for me. Maybe I’ll scratch a lottery ticket and win a BRAND NEW car.


Phone call from my employee/friend:

“Leila, you aren’t going to believe this! I just passed the car that was given away on the side of the road broken down”.

It lasted about 10 miles!

Moral of this true story is…Keep the faith….

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