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Thrifting trip to Atlanta.

So tomorrow I get to go to Atlanta for a day or two of thrift store shopping. I’m excited like a little kid that’s going to Disney World…it makes no sense at all.
I officially granted myself a 2 week vacation that started Saturday so this is a pleasure trip that is really undercover work 🙂
I’ll be stopping to get some much needed top hangers and scavenging for some great jeans for my resale store. I’ve mapped out almost every store I want to go to…which is why I may stay 2 days. The last time I went to Atlanta I was in one thrift store 3 hours! But I have a much smaller budget this time and an actual shopping list so I’m sure that will cut down on my shopping time….or I hope so. It’s hard to go straight into a thrift store with blinders, I mean if I see a nice shirt with bright colors or a really cool looking vintage dress I know it is going to flirt with me and I will not be able to say “No”. My fiance doesn’t have anything to worry about as far as infidelity with another person but clothes flirt with me…they call my name…they blow kisses and whisper in my ear. And unlike other men, I let them. I am addicted to fashion…not clothing in itself but the fashions that can be created with each article. I get a natural high when I dress someone in my store. Sometimes it feels like an award I’m getting by helping customers pair garments together or help them understand how they can change the whole look with accessories. I’m hoping to find some cute ones like the pair I have one in the picture. They are a little odd to me and make me sing “Thunder, thunder, Thundercats” every time I put them on. I bought them at the local Salvation Army for 50 cents!
I hate to end it at that but I’ve got to get some rest so I can be ready tomorrow for my thrifting trip.
Night night, don’t let the moth balls bite.

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