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Me time.

I’m back from my ATLANTA thrifting trip. I had so much fun. That trip was both business and a “me time” trip. I learned a few things on my trip…
You cannot go to all the secondhand stores in Atlanta in 1 1\2 days much less one day.
There are just as many stupid people in the city as in the country.
I cannot sleep past  9am anymore.
I cannot drive! This one I have to immediately elaborate on… I wear glasses because I have terrible eyes, no I don’t wear them because it’s soooo fashionable to look like a dork. I’ve said I hate to drive in the dark because I can’t see well and add the rain and I might as well be drunk. But I’ve come to the conclusion I am a terrible driver. I used to just tell everyone I’m used to driving in the city and can’t help it but while in Atlanta I still couldn’t drive! I need lasik surgery ugh.
Last…It’s nice to get away but even nicer to be back home.
Now I need to get back to my vacation…I’ll post in the next few days about a few things I experienced and saw while on my trip…like the $12,900 Louis Vuitton jacket! That’s excitement as in who in the hell is buying this stuff??
For anyone who doesn’t know I’m a true dork and that’s my explanation for my picture.


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