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Time for childish things


Do you remember when you were a kid…maybe more like a teenager? Doodling on every piece of paper you could find…notebooks with hearts and your latest crushes name inside them…. Some went so far to mark up their jeans, carve 2 hearts and 2 names into a tree or a desk.

I found myself doodling today…the evidence in the above picture…and it made me start thinking…How much time does the average adult spend doing childish things everyday?

Have you climbed a tree in your backyard in the last 20 years? Finger painted? Played a game of basketball? Played a Mario Brothers?

The last 2 I can happily say I did with my kids today.

Sometimes us adults need to

a) stop being so busy

b) get off our lazy butts and/or

c) find time to play!

Some of us rush to become adults…marry right after high school graduation, have our first child not too long after that, like I did. I missed out on a lot of childish things trying to be an adult so early. 

I had so much fun today playing basketball with my kids and believe me I needed the exercise. I vow to take more time to not only spend more time doing childish things but to do as much of it with my kids as possible. Well for me, my average today for time spent doing childish things is 2 hours!

Now where are those jacks??

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