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Insane Asylums and my brush with blindness

My daughter and I went to the eye doctor today. Can you tell she’s tired of me taking pictures of her?

My oldest daughter

A few weeks ago I lost my peripheral vision in my right eye. It was quite a scary thing especially since blindness kinda runs in my family. My oldest sister is legally blind in one of her eyes (in her case you can read that as…she has a fake eye). So obviously I PANICKED! I was crying hysterically as my fiance tried to console me. Well that is until he asked what was wrong with me. I said “I have no peripheral vision in my right eye.”. As soon as I said the word peripheral he burst out laughing and mimicked Katt Williams “no it’s a car”…If you don’t know what I’m talking about search YouTube for Katt Williams periphrieal….it is hilarious but wasn’t too funny at that time. I kept crying and here is one thought that raced through my head….What if I wake up and can’t see my kid’s faces? Hysterical crying once again. I thought about how maybe this was God telling me I need to get my butt back into church. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t do drugs, drink, commit any crimes other than speeding but we don’t attend church regularly like we used to. And in that moment I realized I need to be even more thankful for what I have. So many of us forget how precious something we are so used to having is to us, such as our sight. How often do you really thank God for your sight? Your smell? Your sense of touch? Your hearing?  I know I don’t. Until that moment. I immediately prayed. “God please don’t take my vision from me. Please let me see my kids in the morning.”.

My fiance, Mike, got me to calm down and I went to bed. I woke the next morning with normal vision again. I googled what happened (as I do everything…I learned that from my ex manager…of course it was the ONLY thing I learned from her). My google results basically said everything from its nothing to hurry and go to the ER. I called and scheduled an appointment with my  regular eye doctor….well today was the day of the appointment. I also sat one up for my oldest daughter because she was having an eye issue.

So they checked my vision, it’s still just as bad as it’s always been. They wanted to run a field vision test just in case. For those of you that have never had this test done….you cover one eye and lean your forehead to the machine. It is a white dome with some dots right in front of you.Then they give you a clicker in your hand and you click it every time you see a flash of light. I stared into the white abyss just clicking away…click, click,click,click,click,clickety click click.White, white, white, white, white, W-H-I-T-E!!! Now the other eye…click, click,click,click,click,clickety click click. Of course more white. They said I got through the test really quickly. I can’t imagine how the other people felt that took longer. Staring at all that white literally almost drove me crazy. Hence the title Insane Asylum aka Peripheral vision machine. As soon as I experienced this machine and madness I knew I had to blog about it.

Humphreys field vision AKA Insane Asylum

If just these few minutes, maybe 10 minutes max made me annoyed and a little crazy I cannot imagine how people in an insane asylum with all those white walls feel. They are put there because they are crazy but I’m sure they don’t get better with the white padded walls. No, I haven’t ever been in one although many people who know me probably say I should be in one.

Have you thanked God for your MIND today?

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