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REcreated/Upcycled Tshirt

THANK YOU to my 11 year old daughter aka my model aka my living mannequin/body form.

REreated/Upcycled Tshirt

I REcreated a basic brown Abercrombie and Fitch tshirt into a new shirt by using it and 2 other tops.

I had an unsellable faded brown Abercrombie & Fitch tshirt….I used it along with parts from 2 other shirts to create this….If I tell the truth I was actually making my daughter another tshirt purse and my mind took over and this is what I created.

Here are the details of my project:

I cut off the top portion of the shirt that included the logo. I cut it out in an abstract way and then I used a turqiouse shirt I had to cut the same shape out of it but bigger so it could contrast with the brown that will be on top. I used a neon yellow thread to stitch the two pieces of fabric together. Next I used a neon orange thread to do a satin stitch (think that’s what it’s called) to sew together the now patch onto the remaining bottom of the shirt.

As I sew I rarely pin anything together because I’m lazy…which is also why I never use a pattern LOL. So my “patch” was not sewed onto the remaining tshirt like I had planned. It ended up off of the tshirt. I had planned it to be slanted for affect which it did do but it was supposed to be on the future purse.

NO PROBLEM! I took a few minuted to look it over and realized it would make a really cool tube top. I had my 11 yr old daughter put it on and we realized it would not fall right and would look wayyyyy to grown up for her. It will now be a tank shirt???

I used the bottom of another shirt (collared boy’s shirt with bright stripes)and twisted it and attached it to the top part of the “patch” and the back of the shirt. Then I used the sleeve of one of my favorite shirts that I WORE OUT (it’s turqiouse) and cut it out exactly how I wanted it to lay on the new shirt. After having my live mannequin try it on and moving it many times, I sewed it onto the other side for the other sleeve….SORRY I KNOW I SOUND BORING RIGHT NOW.

The top of that sleeve (the turqiouse one I wore out) has a small hole in it so I used the inside Abercrombie size tag to cover that up. First I cut out a brown square from the original shirt, another square from the brightly striped shirt and layered them on top and made them look like another patch. I sewed it on top of the hole and viola no more hole (well not visible at least.)

Last thing I did was sew on some length to the shirt by using more of the brightly striped shirt (attached it to the bottom of the original shirt).

TADA I’m excited….it turned out really well. I still have about 4 stitches I need to put it but it will have to wait til tomorrow..

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