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Opening an online store

I have finally decided to open an online store for my resale store. It’s quite a process but I hope to have it up and runnimg in 2 weeks. There are so many choices with hosting site, e-commerce build sites, shopping carts, and templates. How much bandwith is enough? How much data storage? A site like I have now which is a flash site or not? Pretty sure I’ve decided my e-commerce site will not be a flash site as I know my bounce rate (how quickly people leave my site once getting there) is HIGH! I’m sure it’s because a lot of people have to wait so long for the Adobe Flash to start uploading.

With my store only having one of each item (being it’s not a “regular” store but secondhand items) I have to make sure that I will be able to track sales in store and online so nothing sells online and IN the store at the same time.

So I really said all this to simply say I may not be posting very often, if at all, for the next few weeks while I try to get this additional possiblity or revenue up and running…


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2 thoughts on “Opening an online store

  1. Best of luck to you! Hopefully you can find an easy way to integrate your store’s sales with your online sales to prevent the sold twice issue (there’s an way to do it via. SQL, but it depends on what equipment you have in-store).

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