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Sewing…How in the hell do you use a pattern?

I bought a pattern for 99cents at Hobby Lobby the other day….I’ve never used a pattern to sew anything…I just freehand it.
So I open up the package and try to figure it out. It just seems so complicated and I really have no patience, for ANYTHING. SO I did cut out a few pieces that looked like what I needed to make some shorts. That’s how far I got. I got side tracked with cooking dinner (chicken and yellow rice, in case you care 🙂 ) But then I decided I just can’t use a pattern and I’ve decided to upcycle/reconstruct a vintage handmade dress I bought for $1.99 a while back. I’m going to make it into a sleevless romper.
I’ll keep ya’ posted on that project.

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3 thoughts on “Sewing…How in the hell do you use a pattern?

  1. Shorts are a really hard first pattern to follow. I had to get help on the only pair i have ever made. I suggest getting one of those bargain dress patterns and starting there. A great way to learn is to use a soft sheet and make a nightgown out of the pattern before you spend money on nice fabric.

    • I think I’ve already given up on using patterns. My clothing comes out best because of it’s randomness. I always start to make something that ends up into something so much better. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’m with you on this – patterns make no sense to me (nonsense, in fact!) and making it up as I go along is a lot better and way more fun too 😉

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