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First rant since I’m no longer a business owner (originally posted on Facebook)

So to the pill poppin’ wanna be high class whore that had the nerve to come in to the store on our last day open: Why did you feel the need to cause a scene? Yell LIES? Then my employee puts me on the phone with you and you act as if it didn’t happen and recant? Let me set it straight! There was NO reason to come in claiming I picked up a “trunk full” of your clothes to buy and you were “worried” about what was going on with your clothes. First of all once I went through those 6 TRASH BAGS I had 2 that I did NOT have to get rid of, no I didn’t donate them, I burnt them…the Salvation Army does NOT accept stained, ripped CRAP or your skeeted on panties either! The other 2 bags of clothes were put on your books. As ALWAYS you are always too busy whoring to pick up your money when you say you will (yet I always wait later than regular hours for you)…it never is enough to waste a check on. And as I clarified on the phone with you- there were no Juicy Couture brand new with tags velour sets…there were 2 used mint green FADED GLORY velour sets and a pair of girls Juicy Couture jeans from 2001!!! HUGE difference. Yes you have brought me clothes with tags on but they are ALWAYS tags from other resale shops or thrift store barbs! Only TWO items in the last year have had actual tags… And to give you a heads up, the other lady you’re claiming has ripped you off, I talked to her today to let her know what you said about her and to let her know what a LIAR you are…So as Biggie said “if you don’t know…now you know!” Oh and YES this is one of the reasons I am no longer in business… to listen to me rant? I’m CLOSED so yes there will be MUCH MORE COMING!

Cheryl Mixon Golden This is very unprofessional as a Prior business owner ….I’m not one to say much but this post caught my attention .
April 25 at 7:24pm via mobile · Like · 2

Jessica Wellman Same here, I closed my store in December, have a few I’d love to rag out, but know better… these things always come back to bite you….
April 25 at 7:27pm · Like · 2

Muah Consignment Well thank you for your opinion we all have one…One reason I closed my store is so I can be myself again…THIS IS ME! Ask my best friend of 15 years…I knew MANY people would not appreciate the post but I DON’T CARE. I am a HUGE believer in karma and if I am on the wrong side it WILL come back to me…Those that know who I am talking about and what she has put me through will not feel the same as you. Soon this facebook page will only be a store and if you choose not to save money by shopping with me or not even speak to me in public because of this post…I have no ill feelings for that. It’s your choice. 🙂 I, unlike others, choose to live my life for me…Most of the people whose opinions matter to me live in my house, one is dead and the other 2 expect this from me…
April 25 at 7:37pm · Like · 11

Jessica Wellman do what you must, but from a professional standpoint, many people want to know that you can deal with ANY situation discretely and professionally…
April 25 at 7:39pm · Like

Ericka Spivey If more people were called out on acting they way they do, they wouldn’t behave that way. to many people are worried about biting their tongues and then talking behind their backs. I for one have followed Muah for awhile, she was upfront about the store closing, and said not to worry about anything, if you had money on the books that you would get it, this was just somebody that was attention seeking.
April 25 at 7:40pm · Unlike · 3

Muah Consignment Hit enter too quickly…ANOTHER reason the post was posted is because she was untruthfully trying to slander how I do business. She made it out as if I took her stuff and was trying to say that publicly because I was closing the store…which is just NOT true. I’ll be damned before I let someone that I have PAID for a year, waiting after hours for (to never show up), hold items others inquired about buying and NEVER buying them, letting her slide NUMEROUS times with being short $5 & $10 that she STILL HAS NOT PAID ME!!!… tried to counsel about dating a married man IN FRONT OF HER CHILDREN as well as tried to explain why drugs aren’t good for her or HER CHILDREN among MANY OTHER things…so I stand by my post regardless of how unprofessional it is…because guess what? I no longer have a professional therefore I don’t HAVE to be professional. 🙂
April 25 at 7:43pm · Like · 3

Muah Consignment ‎*profession not professional
April 25 at 7:46pm · Like

Shelley Hoshaw Marvin Sorry to hear you are closing. As a consignment store owner, I can understand a few of the things you are saying…Good luck to you.
April 25 at 9:44pm · Unlike · 1

Anna Louise Salyers Landry im gonna miss you love going to your store
April 25 at 11:30pm · Unlike · 1

Aradyn Alexis Lee Amen
April 25 at 11:35pm · Unlike · 1

Anna Louise Salyers Landry at least you are honest and you have never sold junk like a store in douglas does and they charge a fortune for their junk
April 25 at 11:36pm · Unlike · 1

Lavonda Adkins I for one am terribly sad to see your storefront go….but i know i can find you on facebook but need your etsy information…my girls love your store and you will be truly missed…thanks for the short time that you made a difference in douglas, ga with your super store…love ya..o yeah and you say what you need to…bitches be crazy and this bitch sounds crazy…lol
April 26 at 6:40am · Unlike · 1

Muah Consignment Thank you guys…I’m reading this in the doctors office and honestly I’m tearing up trying not to burst out crying…
April 26 at 8:17am via mobile · Like · 1

Cheryl L Davis I do hope that I am 1 of those 2 people you are referring to. And had you not put your true thoughts and feelings on here, you would not be the person I have grown to know, love and admire!!
April 26 at 10:24pm via mobile · Unlike · 1

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