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Today was a bad day…

It’s crazy how we think that we live in a world of reality and truth. I think sometimes the universe laughs at us when we find out otherwise.
I thank God for all the trials and tribulations I’ve been through and am now going through. I know there is truth to the saying “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I’ve been through many tough times…NO I’ve been through hell. And I’ve made it through. I won’t lie and say I made it through with my head held high because I’ve made many bad choices….but I did make it through them.
When my first reaction today was to just give up and give in, I didn’t. My life motto is “everything happens for a reason” and I truly believe that. I’ve been trying to change my life this last 5 weeks to become closer to God and today everything came crashing down on me. I mean I haven’t done anything to cause it but I can’t control life. Sometimes I wish I could.
Earlier today and honestly even right now, I feel so lost. I try to keep reminding myself of all the terrible things that I’ve been through as this is not as bad but it only comforts me for a while.
Today was a bad day…I found out that a huge part of my life has been a lie. One huge lie that has laid next to me every night and told me they loved me everyday. But I won’t give up. I will continue to put God first and thank him for exposing the cancer eating away at my heart.

I’m TEAM FIREPROOF…I’ve made it out and I’ve made it through. THANK YOU JESUS.

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