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The building may be burnt but the land still exists.

I never thought I could feel as low as I did yesterday. The future of my family hanging in the balance. Yet today it has all turned around.
Many of us go throught tests and trials and we worry what others will think of the decisions we make from them. I’ve decided not to worry what others will think.
It’s more important to take this opportunity and rebuild a stronger foundation. The building (relationship) may be burnt but the land (love) still exists.
God showed me today that you CAN do all things through Christ.
God told me to test my relationship as proof that it was worth saving. I did that and the test was passed, with hesitance, but passed.
I believe what my Pastor told me yesterday…”This will either makeya’ll or break ya’ll”. Yesterday I said I already knew that this is what would break us. I didn’t have the strenght to fight anymore for something that just hasn’t proved it’s worth fighting for. However, today God has shown me that if I have faith in HIM than I will make it out and I will make it through.
Thank you God for showing me that the seeds I sow do come back to me.
When I needed you Lord you were there for me and I will never forget that.
Today started a new future for an old relationship.

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