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DIY Wedding?

So for those that don’t know I’m getting married November 10th!!!

I’ve decided today that I will either recreate several wedding and other dresses into my wedding dress or make my own! Yes, I’m serious. It will be rather simple tulle wedding dress. I think I’ll have no problem making the tulle skirt part but want to see if I can find a nice top or an old wedding gown top to use with it.  I really want a one strap (not really sleeve) dress. If my top wasn’t so dang heavy I would just do a strapless top but oh well.

And I’m going to make my flower girl’s tulle dresses and our bouquets too. And possibly the guy’s boutonnieres.

We are on a TIGHT budget of $300 FOR EVERYTHING!!!!  In order of importance… 2 wedding rings, marriage license,invitations, my dress, groom’s tie and button up shirt, 1 bridesmaid’s dress, 1 matron of honor’s dress, 3 flower girl’s dresses,unity candle holder, reception venue, veil , my shoes, bouquets, reception decor.

Our photographer is my friend and doing it as a gift, family is doing the food so that is free.

So far our invitations were $18. Somehow I put the wrong year on them but we decided we weren’t spending even another $18 for new ones and just told everyone about the oversight.

Veil: $5 (I LOVE the Salvation Army)

Wedding Rings: Paid for but not giving amount but within the budget.

Marriage Certificate: (not yet purchased) $26.

I know many people will think I can’t do it but I know I can. You should see the scoffs I got on Facebook posting a wanted ad for wedding dresses under $80. LOL. One lady said “LOL. Maybe the Salvation Army!” Funny thing is I almost found the perfect dress there for $50 but it was 2 inches too small!!! Here comment sparked something in me….well it was kind of hatred. I commented back how many people had already contacted me about dresses in that price range and how sad it is that some people think they have to spend a fortune for a wedding to mean something. I’m making it my duty to prove that we will have a VERY meaningful wedding that we will remember forever as one of the best days of our lives (not the soap opera) for $300.

I’ll try to keep everyone updated 🙂 Off to buy tulle for .78 a yard!

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One thought on “DIY Wedding?

  1. Wow! That sounds so exciting I’m really hoping that you add some pictures. I definitely want to see the dress and the wedding. Sounds fabulous. I had a relatively low budget (admittedly not as cost saving as yours) and it was perfect. You definitely don’t need to spend crazy money for one day!

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