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Update on my DIY Wedding under $300!

Ok I’m not done yet with everything but here are some updated costs and a recap of the other ones I’ve already had on my post DIY Wedding? I would also like to day that I’m a VERY matchy matchy person and it’s driving me a lot crazy that my blues nor my greens are exactly the same color BUUUUTTTT I refuse to spend more money trying to make it all perfect. Nothing in life is perfect so my wedding doesn’t have to be either 🙂 PICTURES ARE BELOW!
30 Invitations: $18 (Walmart photo lab)
Nontraditional white Wedding dress: $57.94 (Ebay)
Wedding Rings: $33.90 (Ebay)
Groom and escort’s button up shirts: $27.14 (Walmart)
Groom’s khakis: $17.12 (Walmart)
Veil: $5.35 (Salvation Army)
Bride’s DIY bouquet: $5.32 for base bouquet (Walmart) and $6 for silk carnations in my wedding colors which I added on to the base. I borrowed a hot glue gun from my future mother in law but they can be bought at Dollar Tree with glue for $2.
Garters: $1 (yes both for $1 dollar from Salvation Army) I deconstructed them and added ribbons in our wedding colors.
Unity Candles (1 pillar and 2 sticks): $5.35 (Walmart) $1.07 (Dollar Tree)
Glass Pillar candle holder: $.54 (Salvation Army)
2 Glass Candlestick holders: $1.07 (Dollar Tree)
3 DIY Flower girls dresses: Lining $3.21 (high thread count white flat sheet from Salvation Army)
1 white lace curtain: $ 2.14 (Salvation Army). Will also used on ring bearer’s pillow.
I still have one to make and the strap for one but I should be done with them at the latest Tuesday.
3 DIY flower girls baskets: $ $1.68 (local thrift store)
Can of white spray paint for baskets $1.07. There were all brown.
2- 6feet Ribbon $ 2.13 (Hobby Lobby). Used also for garters.
Silk flower petals (1 color for each flower girl):$6 (Ebay)
Ring bearer’s button up shirt: $ $11.77 (Walmart)
Ring bearer pillow: $1.07 (local secondhand store)-Will be recovering it tomorrow because it’s off white not white. I’ll use the same lace curtain that I used for the girl’s dresses.
3 DIY bow ties: $5.56 Includes: Fabric (used for girl’s belting around dresses)
Elastic (used for girl’s dresses too)
Rhinestone bracelet for bride: $1.07 (local consignment store)
Rhinestone dangling earrings for bride: $1.61 (Bealls Outlet on clearance)

Reception Venue: $80
Reception necessities (napkins, forks, plates, cups, table clothes): $25
Reception decor:$20 is budgeted for 10 tables but I will see Monday what the actual costs are.
GRAND TOTAL: $362.11

I realize I have never mentioned food costs for the reception. A few of my fiance’s family member’s and my friend are being nice enough to prepare the food we want for us and bring it to the reception. So we really don’t have food costs. I’m thinking for other this would be easy enough to do as well or do a traditional pot luck reception.

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