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Winning the $550 million Powerball lottery

As I sat down to research “what to do first if you win the lottery” I got a lot of useful information. Then I started planning my land and house plan purchase etc. Which eventually landed me on pinterest (again LOL). It’s amazing that someone will win that huge amount of money. I can’t imagine being able to buy and do everything on my pinterest boards.

My husband and I wrote out a sticky not on my laptop tonight explaining what we agreed to do and not to do if we were to win under $1 million and if we were to win the whole jackpot. It makes since that all the articles say to sign the ticket, don’t tell anyone right away and don’t make drastic changed in your lifestyle right away. That’s why we put our agreements in writing. Most people can say what they want but once you actually WIN the lottery you would be so excited you would probably forget to sign the ticket and tell everyone. If we do find out we’ve won tonight I will let everyone know it is an additional blessing God has given us. And I’d like to thank Him ahead of time for not letting us win the few times we’ve played before…we were NOT ready. Our relationship and now marriage as well as our family as a whole is in the right frame of mind now. And I know we would make solid decisions that would lead us to not only being able to focus more on our family and afford us the time to do it but to help God bless others as well.

If I wake up a millionaire we’ll buy at least 100 acres and build a house that can comfortably fit our growing family. MODEST cars are all we need…which I can’t believe I’m saying because I’ve always said I would buy a white Range Rover with a billet grille. I guess I’m over that now…I just want a happy family and to live comfortably but not lavishlyImage.

To everyone who played the lottery tonight I hope that you are all blesses whether by winning a portion or all of the money or by NOT winning the money.

For us I prayed that God’s will be done and if it’s his will that we win a little or the whole thing or nothing at all, I will be happy. We will be blessed when it’s our time again.


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One thought on “Winning the $550 million Powerball lottery

  1. I played tonight for the first time in a few years…fingers crossed!

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